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Fitzgerald Fishing Weigh-In Bag - Fishing Supercenter

Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fishing Weigh-In Bag

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Vendor: Fitzgerald

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The Fitzgerald Fishing weigh-in bag is one of the best weigh-in bags on the market today! They are larger than most weigh-in bags, but not so big that it's hard to carry. We designed these bags to be more wide than tall that way your fish fit well in them and you don’t drag the bottom as your carrying them. From 10lbs to 40lbs one thing is guaranteed your fish will be comfortable in there and will have plenty of room.

The bag is grey in color so they don't heat up from the sun and raise the water temperature and potentially harm or kill your fish while you wait to weigh-in. They also have a zipper to keep your hard earned catch from jumping out of the bag and back into the water while bagging them up or carrying them to the weigh-in. High quality construction and made with a durable material that is meant to last.

-High Quality Construction

-Welded Seams to prevent Water Loss and Leaks

-Heavy Duty Straps

-Designed to Help Keep Water Temperature Lower

-Detachable Should Strap

-Zipper on top to Prevent Fish From Jumping Out

-Made with Conservation in Mind

26" Wide x 23" Tall

Product ID 11555916042
Vendor Fitzgerald

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